Getting Started#


Using conda:

conda install -c conda-forge python-graphblas

Using pip:

pip install python-graphblas

Whether installing with conda or pip, the underlying package that is imported in Python is named graphblas. The convention is to import as:

>>> import graphblas as gb

Optional Dependencies#

The following are not required by python-graphblas, but may be needed for certain functionality to work.

  • pandas – required for nicer __repr__

  • matplotlib – required for basic plotting of graphs

  • scipy – used in io module to read/write scipy.sparse format

  • networkx – used in io module to interface with networkx graphs

GraphBLAS Fundamentals#

For a short introduction to the concepts of graph analytics using linear algebra, read the GraphBLAS Primer.

For more details, the best resource for learning about GraphBLAS is It contains information about the history, core ideas, and the full specification. It also contains links to many videos and papers about GraphBLAS, as well as a list of implementations and language wrappers.